Saturday, June 20, 2009


Miss Tourism World Ethiopia/Eritrea 2003
Jerusalem Mehari Katema one of the co organisers of the Miss World Ethiopia 2007 pageant has sensationally claimed that she is in fact an Eritrean Jehovah witness, in order to seek Economic asylum in the United Kingdom, She also falsely claimed among other things that she is a former MISS ETHIOPIA 2003.

She made the startling claims in 2008 when she was detained by the British Immigration Authorities as she tried to claim fake Asylum in the United Kingdom, she had up to that point in time been on a student Visa but renounced her Ethiopian citizenship and claimed to be an Eritrean Jehovah witness to abuse the UK Asylum system.

Jerusalem Mehari Katema according to research was never crowned and never won any Miss Ethiopia title, she was in fact simply hand picked by Mr Gadol ton and Eric DeWouters the disgraced former National directors of Miss World Ethiopia in 2007 to attend an equally discredited pageant: John Singh's Miss Tourism World 2003, which they were lisencess for back in 2003, which is what most of the girls in this CON-test are..... simply hand picked.

Every body in the pageant world knows that the Miss Tourism World pageant is nothing but a low grade pageant, famous for hand picking strippers, Go-Go dancers and Models to masquerade in the host countries as beauty queens.