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Kyrgyzstan Govt thwarts John Singh's , Miss Tourism World 2008 "CON" test

Terrible power of beauty or shame?
01/08-2008 13:14, Bishkek – News Agency “”

It is for the first time in the history of the International contest that Kyrgyzstan thwarted the Miss Tourism World 2008. It is more than obvious as the State Agency on Tourism and the founder of the contest John Singh will not be able to make the necessary arrangements to hold the contest on the coast of the Issyk-Kul Lake in late August.

It is worth mentioning that the head of the State Agency on Tourism under the Government of Kyrgyzstan Turusbek Mamashov called Miss Tourism World 2008 and Miss Bikini World 2008 "a significant event that will attract attention of the world community, foreign tourist operators and investors to Kyrgyzstan." The importance of the contest was stressed at the ceremony of signing the agreement on contest organization.

In the meantime, the head of the State Agency said that the competition was scheduled for May-June 2008. The beginning of summer has fallen into oblivion. The initial plans have vanished in the air. Contestants dreaming abut the crown of the world beauty are still sitting at homes.

Money was the major stumbling block. Rather, lack of money. It was earlier reported that the contest costs about $3mln. Unfortunately, Kyrgyzstan may not afford spending such hefty amounts for a light-minded competition. The State Agency assures that John Singh was responsible for fundraising activities. In short, both organizers failed to agree on the terms of the agreement and keep on accusing each other.

The head of the State Agency is ill with a summer cold. John Singh has vanished.

However, some officials from the Tourism Agency said on condition of anonymity that John Singh behaved incorrectly and "intended to fool us by all appearances ".

"He demands $3mln, despite the promises to find the sponsors. We turned to our [Kyrgyz] oligarchs to provide financial support for the contest and bring the country away from shame. However, the oligarchs refused assisting until they have a look at the detailed budget of the pageant," the officials lamented.

Demands of the oligarchs seem quite reasonable, don't they? What will they donate $3mln for? According to our officials, it is John Singh, who had to compose the budget including the flight costs of contestant, judges, VIP guests, accredited journalists, space rent, accommodation, meals and other accompanying joys of life. John Singh apparently refused to provide this data.

Earlier, the Vechernii Bishkek cited the opinion of the State Agency on Tourism Turusbek Mamashov who said "John Singh planned to make money in Kyrgyzstan." "I told him straight away that we do not have this money. Let's hold the contest at cost," the newspaper cited Turusbek Mamashov.

Even if these disputes between the foreign organizer and Kyrgyz officials are true, I wonder what the officials thought about when choosing the partner for the well-publicized contest. John Singh had been notorious for swindling long before our officials started daydreaming about world beauties. While Kyrgyz officials were looking forward to wide publicity of the two contests, Hainan province in China hosted Miss Tourism World 2008 in April 2008. The Chinese contest was organized by quite other organizations: U.S. Festival of Beauty that has been crowning the beauties since 1971. I guess, Festival of Beauty has hardly ever heard about John Singh. But Kyrgyz officials managed to find him somewhere.

The State Agency on Tourism is optimistic about the future plans and strongly doubts the contest being thwarted. "The question is likely to be raised in the White House," supposed in the agency.

Why the hell will the White House discuss the Miss Tourism when the country is on the brink of energy and food crisis? The press service of the Prime Minister Igor Chudinov was surprised to hear about the possible discussion: "Are you kidding?"

We are not kidding. It is our officials who have fun announcing their grand plans worldwide and later proving to be incapable of fulfilling their promises…


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