Friday, December 14, 2007


Bed time Girls!!!

Reports from Turkey have reveled that "Slinky Singh" is up to his usual schenanigans with the contestants at his 2007 contest promising them prizes and titles for a bit of bedroom judging,

Sorry Bikini time!!!!

He is famous for awarding dubious prizes to girls who have been personally assessed by him and his cohorts during late nigh sessions.

And despite it coming back to bit him previously with his Love children, this year is no different many of the girls [ shall we call them girls or hired hookers? ] can be seen readily jumping from room to room in search of "Judges" to bed,
The scene of the crime!!
Security is non existent and they crew are having their usual field days rumors have it that even some of the daring waiters in the hotel have joined in on thre action bringing suits to work to wear later on and pretending to be important judges and VIP members of his Organisation.


Anonymous said...

We heard that the 4 pageants hosted in Antaya only costed the local hoster US$20,000. Did the MTWO cut down the price due to no one want to host their events? It's weired! Also heard they tried to host their MTW in Taiwan, maybe Taiwanese are more stupid and easy to be cheated. How about Mark Romulo Ancheta (Miss Young International)? Any information for this shamless guy?

Humbert said...

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