Friday, December 14, 2007


Bed time Girls!!!

Reports from Turkey have reveled that "Slinky Singh" is up to his usual schenanigans with the contestants at his 2007 contest promising them prizes and titles for a bit of bedroom judging,

Sorry Bikini time!!!!

He is famous for awarding dubious prizes to girls who have been personally assessed by him and his cohorts during late nigh sessions.

And despite it coming back to bit him previously with his Love children, this year is no different many of the girls [ shall we call them girls or hired hookers? ] can be seen readily jumping from room to room in search of "Judges" to bed,
The scene of the crime!!
Security is non existent and they crew are having their usual field days rumors have it that even some of the daring waiters in the hotel have joined in on thre action bringing suits to work to wear later on and pretending to be important judges and VIP members of his Organisation.


John Singh has been forced to sing a very sad song this year by combining all his crumbling pageants into one very low key production to be supposedly hosted in Turkey that can despite his boasting on his website that over 80 Girls are "descending" on Turkey, only about 57 have so far bothered to turn up for a pageant that is supposedly having it final night on the 20th December.
A huge far cry from the 87 he and Mugabe flew to Zimbabwe back in 2005! one wonders why the low turn out, but the truth is we all know why.
Apparently Applications..???? are still being taken for many of his contests
Applications what ever happened to all your:
National Directors Johnny Boy?
Miss Tourism World
Miss Tourism Africa
miss Tourism America
Miss Bikini World
Miss Model of the Universe and which ever other names he can lay his hands on are all going to be crowned on the same night in Turkey!
Lets hope he does not make any mistakes and give two crowns to the same girl!