Friday, July 28, 2006

John Singh’s Miss Tourism World Sex-a-Thon gears up

Will it be fun and games as usual?

Randy John Singh’s Miss Tourism World Sex-a-Thon Organisation is on the move again and is boasting of several choice locations for his pageant cum Sex-a-thon, observers however are watching eagerly to see if he will clean up his act or carry on business as usual, sleeping with his girls on return for dubious titles.

It is also expected that many of his delegates will not show up, as the licences he has been famous for selling are not selling as fast as he claims they would, and many National Directors have quickly distanced themselves from him and his shady organisation, even though he boast's of 115 countries on his books, we all know that many are simply hired girls representing many countries.

Due to his many shady antics, he has not been able to attrect as many contries as in previous years to send him delegates, and he has so very few delegates for his shows this year, the rumours are he is struggling so hard to get delegates, and may resort to his old and regular tricks of simply hiring strippers and go-go dancers at as little as US$500 a time to "represent" countries by selling the show to these girls as a "free holiday" just to keep the numbers up.

This practice clearly also explains why so many of these "girls" end up visiting his room and any other room's of willing punters for dancing and Sex sessions late at night, just to make some more extra cash durring the shows!

Is it a wonder that no National Director in their right minds, or who cares about his girls and reputation would send a National Queen to any of John Singh's shows given his reputation?