Sunday, June 18, 2006


Any one for exotic fruit and Champagne?

A 19 year old unnamed pagent contestant has alledgedly recently confessed to having a love child for Miss Tourism World pageant organizer John Singh and is considering suing him for child support payments after he denied being the father of her child.

The contestant stated recently that she become pregnant shortly after attending one of John Singh's pageant's during which randy John "slinky" Singh invited her to his suite and ordered champagne and exotic fruit and she spent the night with John Singh.

John Singh has not been able to be reached to give his side of the story but like much of the controversy that follows him around he will not speak to the press to answer questions, all calls to his office were met with the usual “he is out of the country line”

Many people in the industry are not surprised one is quoted as saying “I am only surprised that it is only one girl so far who as had a child for him, his voracious appetite for seducing young girls who come to his pageant and sleeping with them in return for titles is well known and documented in the industry, and its one of the reasons way many National Directors don’t work with him any more”


Anonymous said...

John Singh his organisation are unbelievable, they keep puling of scam after scam, year after year and it seems like a never ending story with him. Is this guy a master of illusions or what?

No wonder he has been banished to the Dark Continent” [ nothing derogatory implied to the wonderful people of Africa ]to ply his trade as nobody in the West, Latin America or Asia wants to do business with him, and it no wonder why.

However every dog has its day, and the very sad dog that he is, he will surely get what is coming to him one way or another, my guess is Africa is the prefect palace for him to meet his match

My advise to John? Look out! my guess is alot of people are looking for you............

Tim said...

I hope the authority’s in all the countries he is try to go to will be informed about his guy and watch him like a hawk!

No wonder even Desperate Zimbabwe will not let him back in

My gosh what a Guy

I love this Guy said...

You Go Johnny Boy!

"Knock em up and pay up later"

Ha! Ha!! Ha!!!

Anonymous said...

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.



Cow Boy said...

MY guess is he has suddenly heard of Viagra and it works wonders for him?????Ha! Ha!!

Go Johnny , go Johnny ! Yee! Ha!! ride em Cowboy!!!

Opps...... you guys don't ride cows do you?

Luisa said...

As a one time participant in one of his shows I and say first hand this is 100% true.

Girls who never attend any preliminary shows or come late are suddenly announced on stage as winners of various tiles, much to the astonishment of other contestants, having been “Judged in the bedroom” of one of the judge’s or the master Judge himself John Singh

It is a “Put up or shut up” mentality that pervades his shows, and he is not alone, right down to his entourage of hangers on it is just like on big Sex party. More like a “Club 18-30 sex-a-thon” , serous bed hopping for titles and the sad thing is that it is not hidden! it is out in the open girls are regularly seen going to the rooms of judges who for some reason stay in the same hotels with the girls, and some are invited to secret late night parties in John Singh’s suite or to clubs with him.
These are the girls the end up with titles

Many of them are just model and even GO-GO dances back home in their countries, he just contacts agencies there to send him girls and even then does not pay the agencies