Sunday, June 18, 2006


Any one for exotic fruit and Champagne?

A 19 year old unnamed pagent contestant has alledgedly recently confessed to having a love child for Miss Tourism World pageant organizer John Singh and is considering suing him for child support payments after he denied being the father of her child.

The contestant stated recently that she become pregnant shortly after attending one of John Singh's pageant's during which randy John "slinky" Singh invited her to his suite and ordered champagne and exotic fruit and she spent the night with John Singh.

John Singh has not been able to be reached to give his side of the story but like much of the controversy that follows him around he will not speak to the press to answer questions, all calls to his office were met with the usual “he is out of the country line”

Many people in the industry are not surprised one is quoted as saying “I am only surprised that it is only one girl so far who as had a child for him, his voracious appetite for seducing young girls who come to his pageant and sleeping with them in return for titles is well known and documented in the industry, and its one of the reasons way many National Directors don’t work with him any more”