Monday, March 13, 2006


The few that came to the party..... but many were simply hired

Floundering flamboyant Miss Tourism World and it president John Singh who have fallen on hard times in this industry due to their long standing questionable business ethics, are up to their old dirty tricks again, this time with their imitation "model of the world" 2006 contest.

It seems that for obvious reason they are running short of National directors from many countries this is despite boasting of having 112 national directors working for them they were only able to muster 38 countries this time around. despite all the begging emails they sent to many National directors round the world pleading with them to send them girls, and even offering to waive the famous US$1000 "Licence fee" it is know that none of them actually paid him a penny for "Licence fees" and any that did are the most stupid Directors on the planet. Which is a very nice turn around for a man so used to taking money from people in the past; our guess is he is running the pageant with the interest he gets from the $2,000,000 he swindled from an equally dumb Robert Mugabe’s regime to stay afloat in this industry.

Well their 2006 model of the world which is a direct rip off of the prestigious Miss Model of the world contest, took place in Tanzania perhaps a case of dumb and dumber for the Tanzanian government to get involved but to make matter worse South Africa won!!!! no big surprise

It is well know that John Singh's contests do not have any integrity when it come to picking winners, it is done purely for business and pleasure purposes, so is it any wonder that South Africa will "Win" when he hopes to hold Miss Tourism World 2006 there at the end of this year? He must think we are all fools by insulting our intelligence.

To add insult to injury here are some of the “COUNTRIES “ that came to his contest, note many are unknown and are cities....... hmm strippers and call girls hired to make up the numbers as in previous contests…. Your guess is as good as mine

Take a look at some of the “countries” and see if you recognise them and their duplicates

1. Model of the World Warsaw

2. Model of the World Poland

3. Model of the World South Kazakhstan

4. Model of the World North Kazakhstan
5. Model of the World North Kazakhstan
6. Model of the World Thailand

7. Model of the World North Kazakhstan

8. Model of the World Ngorongoro

9. Model of the World Kiev

10. Model of the World Karaganda

11. Model of the World Helsinki

12. Model of the World Greater Accra

13. Model of the World Budapest

14. Model of the World Bishkek

15. Model of the World Astana

Model of the World Almaty

17. Model of the World Vilnius

Lets hope that she gets her prize money this time

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micky said...

John Singh his organisation are unbelievable, they keep puling of scam after scam, year after year and it seems like a never ending story with him. Is this guy a master of illusions or what?

No wonder he has been banished to the Dark Continent” [ nothing derogatory implied to the wonderful people of Africa ]to ply his trade as nobody in the West, Latin America or Asia wants to do business with him, and it no wonder why.

However every dog has its day, and the very sad dog that he is, he will surely get what is coming to him one way or another, my guess is Africa is the prefect palace for him to meet his match

My advise to John? Look out! my guess is people are looking for you............