Friday, February 17, 2006


In a last ditch bid to stave off the inevitable, our trusted sources revelled that pageant officials of the Miss Tourism World Organisation have resorted to sending down right begging emails to some new National Directors desperately pleading with them to send them delegates for the MODEL OF THE WORLD 2006 due to be held next week, which is a direct rip-off of the more respected Miss Model Of The World® contest now in its 18th year. Just like all his other contests which seem to have origins else where in the pageant industry and end up with a few words like “World” or “Miss” added or removed to suit his dubious purposes.

The emails make very funny reading for an organisation that loves to sell its licences that are “Sure to sell out Quickly” but never do! And shows the depths to which this organisation will sink to deceive people.

And it follow our earlier observation that Miss Tourism world organisation and John Singh has now systematically targeted Africa as his latest stomping ground after being booted out of every civilised country in the Western hemisphere.

No doubt some egotistical Third world buffoons in government there who have never seen so many pretty “White” women in one place, will wiling open up the government coffers and treat his bevy of strippers and escorts who are masquerading as National beauty contestants and model to a 5 star holiday complete with all the sex and girls you can get,

It follow a pattern set by john Singh where he “Give” titles to the country next on his list of targets to host future pageants, our sources indicate that his scouts are already in Kenya scoping out top government officials and proudly pushing Issabel Karuthiru, representing Kenya who it was claimed won the dubious title of Miss Internet WWW 2005 from 112 contestants, as a reason for them to host one of his circus acts in Kenya

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