Monday, July 25, 2005


John Singh had been proudly announcing that Miss Millionaire with be crowned and walk away with US$1,000,000 cash for the last few years and we have all come to realize that this is just a clever publicity stunt designed to get him and his shady pageant noticed, one has to ask seriously for a man who cannot pay a us$50,000 prize advertised for his previous pageants how he can be trusted to deliver on his promise to pay US$ 1,000,000 in cash! And just want the girl has to do to win it going by previous experiences

It occurs to us that no one has ever won the pageant, and never will! promises that the pageant will be held have come and gone several times, but he keeps advertising that the pageant will be held, one wonders if this guy is really unbelievable or just plain crafty, with all his tricks to fool people, sadly the end of the road is near for him as recent reports would suggests


MR Billionaire said...


Miss Millionaire my Ass, I have seen this year after year he puts a different girl with a sash on his website and a trash can sized crown on her head masquerading as Miss millionaire,
Ha! What a joke
“Miss I’ll never be a millionaire” is more like it!!

Miss I'm not a Millionaire 2005 said...

Just who is Miss Millionaire and how come we have never seen her at any engagements publicising her Millions?

Do you think this Guy would miss such and opportunity to publicise this, and how can he really pretend that he will give one million dollars$$$$ in cash to anybody……

Hmm I wonder

Rip-van-slinsky said...

How can a guy who cannot pay 10,000 in cash to his contestants be believed to payout $1,000,000 in cash to Miss Millionaire?

Dream on……!!!!!!!!

The prefect scam from the perfect Scam Master

Anonymous said...

Miss Truth........tell us the truth WHO IS MISS MILLIONARE?