Monday, July 25, 2005

Sex lies and John Singh

Sex lies and John Singh seem to go hand in hand if you ask many of the contestants in his pageants over the years.

He and his band of pagent officials or bed room judges have made a name for themselves by secretly promising girls in their many contest titles in return for sexual favors,
It has become so bad that unsuspecting girls now have to lock them selves in their rooms and take the phones of the hook so they are not woken up in the middle of the night by John Singh him self or one of his randy judges,

Undercover sources have revealed that it is so blatant and even a requirements for the girls to sleep with John Singh and his Friends as part to the pageants “Judging and Evaluation” process, and many a girl has been seduced and or coerced into entering into sexual liaisons whit John Singh,

The unfortunate Girls who submit to this brazen act of sexual misconduct in many case have to perform for him, and take part in orgies, according to trusted sources, it has become so bad that even the coach drivers have tried to get in on the act.

One girl said was promised that she would make the top 3 in the Miss Tourism World 2004 pageant only if she and another girls came to john Singh’s suite in Zimbabwe and spent “Time with them,” they were also frequently accosted by John Singh’s cronies posing as judges and pageant officials

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minime said...

It is indeed a very sad state of affairs to read about this guy, and goes to question why he has now moved to Africa where people like Robert Mugabe will welcome him with open arms and his activities will continue unabated.

Perhaps he knows that he is no longer welcome any where else, like he used to be, people must have seen through his charade and are regretting working with him, selling licences like his pageants were the hottest pageants around

bye bye SLINKY ;)