Thursday, July 28, 2005

John “Slinky” Singh


In a move that is sure to cool His lusty libido it has been revealed that randy John Singh who sees to have an unquenchable appetite for delegates sent to his contests and prefers to “judge” them for him self in the bedroom, seems not to be a very good judge on the score cards of several of the girls who have been given a bedroom Judging by him, sources have revelled the his nick name amongst the girls is “Slinky”! In reference the behaviour of his of his most trusted “member” when it is time to perform,

One would have though that Slippery would better describe him as he is so slick with what ever he does in the business world and seems to get away with everything, but several of the girls he has tried to bed, have been very disappointed at his bedroom performance, others were relived that he could not get it up and were spared the trauma of having forced sex with him one said John Singh proved to her that small things can come in big packages, several others have described waiting for hours as he tried to get his Slinky to “pay attention” but to no avail and they were thus spared the encounter.

Even the almighty Viagra seems to only make him last for 3 minutes! Talk about speedy Gonzales

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Kim said...

What a scumbag! A perfect example for castration if ever I saw one, he even looks like a pimp