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Miss Tourism World Ethiopia/Eritrea 2003
Jerusalem Mehari Katema one of the co organisers of the Miss World Ethiopia 2007 pageant has sensationally claimed that she is in fact an Eritrean Jehovah witness, in order to seek Economic asylum in the United Kingdom, She also falsely claimed among other things that she is a former MISS ETHIOPIA 2003.

She made the startling claims in 2008 when she was detained by the British Immigration Authorities as she tried to claim fake Asylum in the United Kingdom, she had up to that point in time been on a student Visa but renounced her Ethiopian citizenship and claimed to be an Eritrean Jehovah witness to abuse the UK Asylum system.

Jerusalem Mehari Katema according to research was never crowned and never won any Miss Ethiopia title, she was in fact simply hand picked by Mr Gadol ton and Eric DeWouters the disgraced former National directors of Miss World Ethiopia in 2007 to attend an equally discredited pageant: John Singh's Miss Tourism World 2003, which they were lisencess for back in 2003, which is what most of the girls in this CON-test are..... simply hand picked.

Every body in the pageant world knows that the Miss Tourism World pageant is nothing but a low grade pageant, famous for hand picking strippers, Go-Go dancers and Models to masquerade in the host countries as beauty queens.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Biggest Joke in pageantry hits Tanzania

Miss Tourism World 2009 aka: "The Biggest Joke in pageantry hits Tanzania" which it is alleged is broadcast to over One billion television viewers world wide and streamed live over the Internet to 650 million viewers [ but just where these 1 billion viewers are and the names of global TV networks broadcasting this event have never been published ]

Has proudly announced that it will be hosting its "World finals" in Tanzania at a cost of over £2 million to Tanzania in hosting fees not to mention other expenses estimated at double that.

The Licences which he sells to gullible and naive would be national directors have not sold out and so Over 60 Strippers, go-go dancers and 5th rate models who will suddenly become over night "National Beauty Queens" .....will descend on Tanzania in the new year for 2 Weeks of debauchery, sexual escapades aimed at fleecing of the Government of Tanzania's hard earned foreign currency under the disguise of promoting tourism via the Miss Tourism World pageant brand.

miss tourism world 2009, Miss Tourism World 2009 "CON".... test set for Tanzania, John Singh,
John Singh, miss tourism world 2009, Miss Tourism World 2009 "CON".... test set for Tanzania, John Singh,
John Singh, miss tourism world 2009, Miss Tourism World 2009 "CON".... test set for Tanzania, John Singh,
John Singh,

Miss Tourism World 2009, John Singh Miss Tourism World 2009

Kyrgyzstan Govt thwarts John Singh's , Miss Tourism World 2008 "CON" test

Terrible power of beauty or shame?
01/08-2008 13:14, Bishkek – News Agency “”

It is for the first time in the history of the International contest that Kyrgyzstan thwarted the Miss Tourism World 2008. It is more than obvious as the State Agency on Tourism and the founder of the contest John Singh will not be able to make the necessary arrangements to hold the contest on the coast of the Issyk-Kul Lake in late August.

It is worth mentioning that the head of the State Agency on Tourism under the Government of Kyrgyzstan Turusbek Mamashov called Miss Tourism World 2008 and Miss Bikini World 2008 "a significant event that will attract attention of the world community, foreign tourist operators and investors to Kyrgyzstan." The importance of the contest was stressed at the ceremony of signing the agreement on contest organization.

In the meantime, the head of the State Agency said that the competition was scheduled for May-June 2008. The beginning of summer has fallen into oblivion. The initial plans have vanished in the air. Contestants dreaming abut the crown of the world beauty are still sitting at homes.

Money was the major stumbling block. Rather, lack of money. It was earlier reported that the contest costs about $3mln. Unfortunately, Kyrgyzstan may not afford spending such hefty amounts for a light-minded competition. The State Agency assures that John Singh was responsible for fundraising activities. In short, both organizers failed to agree on the terms of the agreement and keep on accusing each other.

The head of the State Agency is ill with a summer cold. John Singh has vanished.

However, some officials from the Tourism Agency said on condition of anonymity that John Singh behaved incorrectly and "intended to fool us by all appearances ".

"He demands $3mln, despite the promises to find the sponsors. We turned to our [Kyrgyz] oligarchs to provide financial support for the contest and bring the country away from shame. However, the oligarchs refused assisting until they have a look at the detailed budget of the pageant," the officials lamented.

Demands of the oligarchs seem quite reasonable, don't they? What will they donate $3mln for? According to our officials, it is John Singh, who had to compose the budget including the flight costs of contestant, judges, VIP guests, accredited journalists, space rent, accommodation, meals and other accompanying joys of life. John Singh apparently refused to provide this data.

Earlier, the Vechernii Bishkek cited the opinion of the State Agency on Tourism Turusbek Mamashov who said "John Singh planned to make money in Kyrgyzstan." "I told him straight away that we do not have this money. Let's hold the contest at cost," the newspaper cited Turusbek Mamashov.

Even if these disputes between the foreign organizer and Kyrgyz officials are true, I wonder what the officials thought about when choosing the partner for the well-publicized contest. John Singh had been notorious for swindling long before our officials started daydreaming about world beauties. While Kyrgyz officials were looking forward to wide publicity of the two contests, Hainan province in China hosted Miss Tourism World 2008 in April 2008. The Chinese contest was organized by quite other organizations: U.S. Festival of Beauty that has been crowning the beauties since 1971. I guess, Festival of Beauty has hardly ever heard about John Singh. But Kyrgyz officials managed to find him somewhere.

The State Agency on Tourism is optimistic about the future plans and strongly doubts the contest being thwarted. "The question is likely to be raised in the White House," supposed in the agency.

Why the hell will the White House discuss the Miss Tourism when the country is on the brink of energy and food crisis? The press service of the Prime Minister Igor Chudinov was surprised to hear about the possible discussion: "Are you kidding?"

We are not kidding. It is our officials who have fun announcing their grand plans worldwide and later proving to be incapable of fulfilling their promises…


Miss Tourism World 2009, John Singh Miss Tourism World 2009, Miss Tourism World 2009, John Singh Miss Tourism World 2009 tanzania

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Miss Tourism World 2009 "CON".... test set for Tanzania

According to press reports John Singh and his Miss Tourism World have been able to fool government officials in Tanzania into parting with millions of dollars to host his notorious Miss Tourism World 2009 Con test, that assembles Model and go-go dancers who then masquerade as National beauty queens for the purposes of deceiving the host nation and gullible Governments into believing they are hosting a prestigious International beauty contest, in fact the only prestigious thing about Miss Tourism World and the content is the prestigious and generous sums of money John Singh seems to be able to convince 3rd world buffoons and tourism authorities to part with as hosting fees.

His contest has over the several years that it has been held offered no tangible or evident tourism promotional opportunities or benefits to the host nations, none of the main stream pageant website forums or blogs give or have given any coverage what so ever to Miss Tourism World, as a contest it is simply seen as the biggest joke in pageantry! And if you even mention Miss Tourism world you will literally be laughed off a board.

It leaves only debts, law suits, girls who are never paid prizes, and a two week long sexual escapade with the contestants for his entourage who sample the girls in their brand of pre-judging and demand to be housed in 5 star luxury at the host countries expense.

Case in point Miss Tourism World in Antalya Turkey 2007 where he assembled 57 Models and go-go dancers and handed out titles from all his pageants in one night, making a mockery of his statement as the largest organiser of beauty pageants in the world.

No doubt John Singh will be laughing all the way to the bank again, whist the almost bankrupt Govt government of Tanzania is left to ponder what hit them, so the gets big CON ....test continues......mean while tourism official in Kyrgyzstan did their home works got wise found out about him and his company and put a stop to his charade but it seems like the Tourism officials in Tanzania seem stuck on stupid, of fascinated by seeing White girls.... your guess is a good as mine

miss tourism world 2009, Miss Tourism World 2009 "CON".... test set for Tanzania, John Singh,
John Singh, miss tourism world 2009, Miss Tourism World 2009 "CON".... test set for Tanzania, John Singh,
John Singh, miss tourism world 2009, Miss Tourism World 2009 "CON".... test set for Tanzania, John Singh,
John Singh,

Saturday, October 18, 2008


MISS TOURISM WORLD THE FORGOTTEN PAGEANT has set it sights on dubious attempts and past glory but the fact remains that is has shown and bee proven that it offers no Positive benefits to the host country beyond the pageant night with titillation and Girls parading in Skimpy Bikinis and sexual favours during the 2 week Sex-A-Thon for Judges and MTW Entourages, to anyone except the Organisers.
From it's hay days it has been reduced making dubious claims as "The largest organisers of Beauty pageants in the World" what happened to:,

And all other grand slam pageants? MISS TOURISM WORLD IS BIGGER THAN THEM?
One wonders why GLOBAL BEAUTIES & CRITICAL BEAUTY and all mainstream pageant boards do not recognise this statement as a fact and M.T.W. is reduced to combining 9 pageants into one on the same night, as most reputable national directors and national organisations distance them selves from this organisation.
Its pariah status is legendary in the industry and only gullible Ministers and third world buffoons fall for the slick talking.

miss tourism world 2009, miss tourism world 2009 Tanzania , miss tourism world, miss tourism world, john Singh,miss tourism world 2009, Miss Tourism World 2009 "CON".... test set for Tanzania, John Singh,
John Singh, miss tourism world 2009, Miss Tourism World 2009 "CON".... test set for Tanzania, John Singh,
John Singh, miss tourism world 2009, Miss Tourism World 2009 "CON".... test set for Tanzania, John Singh,
John Singh,
john Singh president of miss tourism world 2009


Controversial Miss Millionaire pageant resurfaces and is once again being touted by Miss Tourism World organisation

It occurs to us that no one has ever won the pageant, and never will! promises that the pageant will be held have come and gone several years now, but they keep advertising that the pageant will be held, one wonders if this Company is really unbelievable or just plain crafty, with all their tricks to fool people? one wonder what is next

Friday, December 14, 2007


Bed time Girls!!!

Reports from Turkey have reveled that "Slinky Singh" is up to his usual schenanigans with the contestants at his 2007 contest promising them prizes and titles for a bit of bedroom judging,

Sorry Bikini time!!!!

He is famous for awarding dubious prizes to girls who have been personally assessed by him and his cohorts during late nigh sessions.

And despite it coming back to bit him previously with his Love children, this year is no different many of the girls [ shall we call them girls or hired hookers? ] can be seen readily jumping from room to room in search of "Judges" to bed,
The scene of the crime!!
Security is non existent and they crew are having their usual field days rumors have it that even some of the daring waiters in the hotel have joined in on thre action bringing suits to work to wear later on and pretending to be important judges and VIP members of his Organisation.


John Singh has been forced to sing a very sad song this year by combining all his crumbling pageants into one very low key production to be supposedly hosted in Turkey that can despite his boasting on his website that over 80 Girls are "descending" on Turkey, only about 57 have so far bothered to turn up for a pageant that is supposedly having it final night on the 20th December.
A huge far cry from the 87 he and Mugabe flew to Zimbabwe back in 2005! one wonders why the low turn out, but the truth is we all know why.
Apparently Applications..???? are still being taken for many of his contests
Applications what ever happened to all your:
National Directors Johnny Boy?
Miss Tourism World
Miss Tourism Africa
miss Tourism America
Miss Bikini World
Miss Model of the Universe and which ever other names he can lay his hands on are all going to be crowned on the same night in Turkey!
Lets hope he does not make any mistakes and give two crowns to the same girl!

Friday, January 19, 2007


Reliable sources have confirmed that the infamous Miss Tourism World Organization run by Playboy John Singh is in the process of being made bankrupt due to his inability to pay His creditors.

Flamboyant John Singh the master "Show man" or "Con man" depending on who you talk to, was able to convince Third World dictator Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe to part with US$2 million last year as a license fee for his infamous Miss Tourism World 2006 pageant.

That pageant was a huge disaster and a PR nightmare for John Singh and his Organization, Girls were supposedly left stranded in hotels for bills that were not paid by Him, International arrest warrants were out for John Singh and he fled Zimbabwe without paying his debts or paying the prizes to the winners of that contest, most of his National Directors have deserted him and he turned instead to modeling agencies to supply him girls for his pageant, many of whom refused to work with him due to his previous shady business dealings such as not paying them for the models they sent him in the past.

In 2006 despite all his best efforts he was unable to get any takers for the 2006 edition of the pageant, it was supposed to be held in Kwa zulu Natal South Africa but it seems that he has made so many enemies in Africa after his disastrous adventure to Zimbabwe and the corresponding negative publicity he brought with him and his Pageant, and indeed in the pageant industry that nobody not even in South Africa would allow him to come to South Africa and the 2006 pagent was cancelled despite his boasting that over 108 countries had been invited .

He was not surprisingly able to convince the Taiwanese to let him hold his Miss Bikini World 2006 show there. A clear indication that even the pageant hungry Chinese on the main land do not want anything to do with him and his organisiation after his last venture in to China with his Model of the World 2004 contest.

His website is currently boasting that “2007 dates will be announced very soon” perhaps on the Moon or on Mars, those seem to be the only places that would not have heard of this organisation and its unsavoury reputation and business practices.

Friday, July 28, 2006

John Singh’s Miss Tourism World Sex-a-Thon gears up

Will it be fun and games as usual?

Randy John Singh’s Miss Tourism World Sex-a-Thon Organisation is on the move again and is boasting of several choice locations for his pageant cum Sex-a-thon, observers however are watching eagerly to see if he will clean up his act or carry on business as usual, sleeping with his girls on return for dubious titles.

It is also expected that many of his delegates will not show up, as the licences he has been famous for selling are not selling as fast as he claims they would, and many National Directors have quickly distanced themselves from him and his shady organisation, even though he boast's of 115 countries on his books, we all know that many are simply hired girls representing many countries.

Due to his many shady antics, he has not been able to attrect as many contries as in previous years to send him delegates, and he has so very few delegates for his shows this year, the rumours are he is struggling so hard to get delegates, and may resort to his old and regular tricks of simply hiring strippers and go-go dancers at as little as US$500 a time to "represent" countries by selling the show to these girls as a "free holiday" just to keep the numbers up.

This practice clearly also explains why so many of these "girls" end up visiting his room and any other room's of willing punters for dancing and Sex sessions late at night, just to make some more extra cash durring the shows!

Is it a wonder that no National Director in their right minds, or who cares about his girls and reputation would send a National Queen to any of John Singh's shows given his reputation?

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Any one for exotic fruit and Champagne?

A 19 year old unnamed pagent contestant has alledgedly recently confessed to having a love child for Miss Tourism World pageant organizer John Singh and is considering suing him for child support payments after he denied being the father of her child.

The contestant stated recently that she become pregnant shortly after attending one of John Singh's pageant's during which randy John "slinky" Singh invited her to his suite and ordered champagne and exotic fruit and she spent the night with John Singh.

John Singh has not been able to be reached to give his side of the story but like much of the controversy that follows him around he will not speak to the press to answer questions, all calls to his office were met with the usual “he is out of the country line”

Many people in the industry are not surprised one is quoted as saying “I am only surprised that it is only one girl so far who as had a child for him, his voracious appetite for seducing young girls who come to his pageant and sleeping with them in return for titles is well known and documented in the industry, and its one of the reasons way many National Directors don’t work with him any more”

Monday, March 13, 2006


The few that came to the party..... but many were simply hired

Floundering flamboyant Miss Tourism World and it president John Singh who have fallen on hard times in this industry due to their long standing questionable business ethics, are up to their old dirty tricks again, this time with their imitation "model of the world" 2006 contest.

It seems that for obvious reason they are running short of National directors from many countries this is despite boasting of having 112 national directors working for them they were only able to muster 38 countries this time around. despite all the begging emails they sent to many National directors round the world pleading with them to send them girls, and even offering to waive the famous US$1000 "Licence fee" it is know that none of them actually paid him a penny for "Licence fees" and any that did are the most stupid Directors on the planet. Which is a very nice turn around for a man so used to taking money from people in the past; our guess is he is running the pageant with the interest he gets from the $2,000,000 he swindled from an equally dumb Robert Mugabe’s regime to stay afloat in this industry.

Well their 2006 model of the world which is a direct rip off of the prestigious Miss Model of the world contest, took place in Tanzania perhaps a case of dumb and dumber for the Tanzanian government to get involved but to make matter worse South Africa won!!!! no big surprise

It is well know that John Singh's contests do not have any integrity when it come to picking winners, it is done purely for business and pleasure purposes, so is it any wonder that South Africa will "Win" when he hopes to hold Miss Tourism World 2006 there at the end of this year? He must think we are all fools by insulting our intelligence.

To add insult to injury here are some of the “COUNTRIES “ that came to his contest, note many are unknown and are cities....... hmm strippers and call girls hired to make up the numbers as in previous contests…. Your guess is as good as mine

Take a look at some of the “countries” and see if you recognise them and their duplicates

1. Model of the World Warsaw

2. Model of the World Poland

3. Model of the World South Kazakhstan

4. Model of the World North Kazakhstan
5. Model of the World North Kazakhstan
6. Model of the World Thailand

7. Model of the World North Kazakhstan

8. Model of the World Ngorongoro

9. Model of the World Kiev

10. Model of the World Karaganda

11. Model of the World Helsinki

12. Model of the World Greater Accra

13. Model of the World Budapest

14. Model of the World Bishkek

15. Model of the World Astana

Model of the World Almaty

17. Model of the World Vilnius

Lets hope that she gets her prize money this time

Friday, February 17, 2006


In a last ditch bid to stave off the inevitable, our trusted sources revelled that pageant officials of the Miss Tourism World Organisation have resorted to sending down right begging emails to some new National Directors desperately pleading with them to send them delegates for the MODEL OF THE WORLD 2006 due to be held next week, which is a direct rip-off of the more respected Miss Model Of The World® contest now in its 18th year. Just like all his other contests which seem to have origins else where in the pageant industry and end up with a few words like “World” or “Miss” added or removed to suit his dubious purposes.

The emails make very funny reading for an organisation that loves to sell its licences that are “Sure to sell out Quickly” but never do! And shows the depths to which this organisation will sink to deceive people.

And it follow our earlier observation that Miss Tourism world organisation and John Singh has now systematically targeted Africa as his latest stomping ground after being booted out of every civilised country in the Western hemisphere.

No doubt some egotistical Third world buffoons in government there who have never seen so many pretty “White” women in one place, will wiling open up the government coffers and treat his bevy of strippers and escorts who are masquerading as National beauty contestants and model to a 5 star holiday complete with all the sex and girls you can get,

It follow a pattern set by john Singh where he “Give” titles to the country next on his list of targets to host future pageants, our sources indicate that his scouts are already in Kenya scoping out top government officials and proudly pushing Issabel Karuthiru, representing Kenya who it was claimed won the dubious title of Miss Internet WWW 2005 from 112 contestants, as a reason for them to host one of his circus acts in Kenya

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Maverick sexual predator “Man on the run” and flamboyant would be pageant guru John Singh who has been making a very sad reputation for him self by systematically sexually abusing his contestants in return for Guaranteeing them “titles” and then failing to pay them the outrageous prizes he advertised, which has resulted in him becoming a pariah in the beauty pageant industry has now targeted Africa and the newest stomping ground for his sexual circus.

This is despite being kicked out of and refused hosting by any other countries in Europe and even the nations of pageants China where any pageant that is worth it salt hold a pageant have all refused to deal with him.

Sadly in as mark of separation he has now targeted poor African countries to try and extract as much money from them as possible.

It should be recalled that last year he was surprisingly able to extract $2,000,000 from Robert Mugabe’s regime to bring 80 Models to Zimbabwe many who were nothing but Exotic dancers and Strippers in their home countries that masqueraded as National Beauty Queens in Zimbabwe, Much to the dismay of the Zimbabwean government who subsequently banned him from ever returning to Zimbabwe with his circus for the 2006 edition.

He left Zimbabwe in a hurry with an arrest warrant out for him and unpaid bills and cost the government and local businesses an extra US$750,000 in debts.

He has now some how managed to fool the people of Kwazulu Natal in South Africa to accept him and his circus / sex road show, and no doubt the usual goings on such as asking girls for sexual favours in return for old and maybe new titles such as:

“Miss Tourism World Hot legs”
“Miss Tourism World Juicy Boobs”
“Miss Tourism World Best Tongue”
“Miss Tourism World Nice Butt”

Will all feature prominently.

The emails have already started flying round to various countries and to any body they can think of, urging them to QUICKLY buy their licenses!!! at a cost of US$1000, and warns that they will sell out quickly.

Which begs the question; will John Singh sell a licence to just anybody or is he not interested in building long-term relationships with his national directors?, but Opps that might just be the key……… he has so few National directors left and those that work with him from one year to the next cut their tie’s with him once they have had a taste of his business ethics, that he has not choice but to “sell the licences” to any one any where who will buy them.
We understand that as a result of his cold reception and fear of arrest in most European countries he has visited in the past he now has plans to host most of his pageants in Africa where he feels he can easily talk his way out or simply pay his way out of trouble

Saturday, December 17, 2005




Govt Boots Out John Singh
Zimbabwe Standard (Harare)October 30, 2005Posted to the web October 31, 2005John MokwetsiTHE controversy surrounding John Singh's little known Miss Tourism World has forced the Zimbabwean government to cancel the event which was scheduled for February next year, Standardplus can reveal.

The scandal-ridden pageant ended in disarray in February after its director, Singh, failed to pay contestants and a company that had helped to promote the show.The government, suffering from a battered international image splashed out US$2 million to buy the worthless licence to host the pageant which it hoped would lure back tourists.

The benefits of hosting the pageant are still to be realised. Although government has not made an announcement over the development, Standardplus can reveal that the decision was made after it emerged that the country had not gained anything from the first pageant.An authoritative source in government said: "There was a heated exchange of words at a meeting of government officials in which the wisdom of splashing money in initiatives that do not benefit the country was questioned."We gave this man, Singh, US$2 million and he failed to pay contestants.He did not even give our girl, Oslie Muringai, all that was due to her. In fact, he only set aside US$100 000 for prizes and we don't know where the rest of the money vanished to."We did everything for him, right from paying for transport and other expenses and in return US$100 000 was all he could give back! Thanks to The Standard we established that this man had a lot of controversy around him and that added weight to the views of some of us who saw him as a swindler."

Singh fled Zimbabwe for London where he is based after Original Black Entertainment Television (OBTV) took him to court for failing to pay them for their role in promoting the Miss Tourism World pageant.OBTV was supposed to receive 10 percent of the US$2million paid to Singh.Despite a writ of arrest that was issued by the High Court in March,

Singh has been shuttling between London and Harare allegedly in a bid to convince the government to continue the relationship.In May Standardplus broke the story that Singh's organisation was a subject of urgent circulars to all national directors and agents worldwide, disassociating themselves from his organisation.

On 25 September 2003, Miss World limited, a reputable organisation that runs Miss World, circulated letters to all licence holderswarning them of Singh.Part of the letter read: "Mr John Singh does not represent or is no way connected to Miss World. If you have had any dealings with Mr Singh in the past, or know of anyone who has, we should be very grateful if you would let us know."

Contacted for comment Karikoga Kaseke, Zimbabwe Tourism Authority chief executive officer, confirmed that Miss Tourism World had been shelved."Yes, I can confirm that government has arrived at that decision. The reason being that we wanted to prepare our contestants to be adequately conversant with aspects of our country before hosting such an event."Kaseke would neither confirm nor deny that Singh's conduct was the reason for dropping the pageant."I cannot comment on that. I do not have anything to say on that issue. What I have told you is what I know."Apart from paying for the licence, the government also forked out billions of dollars for accommodation, food and travel fares around the country, as the contestants toured holiday resorts.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Collapse of an Empire!!!

The Miss Tourism World Empire is presently disintegrating before the eyes of the world and its flamboyant self titled president John Singh.


A series of disastrous moves and a history of long standing unethical business practices in the pagent industry have finally caught up with John Singh and his Empire is in disarray. One would have though that he could maintain a semblance of good business principles, but people who know John Singh and have had dealings with him in the past are all very happy at his down fall, John Singh came in the pagent business about 14 years ago as a National Director under the Miss Tourism® branded pageants, but two years later after what people saw as a very brief internship he broke away and set up his Miss Tourism World Organisation, after learning what he though he could from the organization he Plagiarised and renamed most of the Miss Tourism® founders Charlie See’s world famous and recognised pageants by adding the word World after them i.e. miss Tourism World, miss Bikini World , to in some way differentiate them from the registered trademarks of festivals of beauty founder and owners to hold his pageants.

He was at first unable to get any National Directors so he instead would contact modelling agencies in various countries and ask them to send him a girl for his pageant, or simply get girls who were living in England and “pay” them to be from Brazil or India for example, in this way he was able to falsely claim to have representatives from 112 countries though many were just models whom he gave flashy titles,

As time went on he did manage to have a steady source of girls from third if not 4th rate pageants and people in countries who could not even hold a local not to mention National pageant were appointed "National" directors with his organisation, all after buying a licence form him, some times for as little as $1000, hundreds of girls from his pageants have travelled from the Third World and Eastern Europe to pageants and remained in Europe after their pageants were over.

They were asked to move in with him to his much publicised office which doubled as a Hugh Heffner style “Playboy mansion” for him. There he carried out his nefarious activities and sexual liaisons with the girls whils pretending that they were modeling.

Johns Singhs HOUSE OF SEX

His is well know in the industry for falling to pay any of his debts, failing to pay his contestants their prizes, sleeping with his contestants and making promises that he cannot deliver on, now he has become a leper in the pageant industry and nobody will touch him,

It is amazing that he is the only person who is actively advertising that he will hold Miss Tourism World 2006 in Zimbabwe of all places, which tourist In their right minds will be jumping on jets to Zimbabwe with current political situation there? ROBERT MUGABE is isolated JOHN SING is isolated so they join forces….. Hmmm as sign of the times a shame what $2,000, 0000 will make you do,

But alas this is the final nail in the coffin of his empire

young rich pickings for John Singh no more!!

John “Slinky” Singh


In a move that is sure to cool His lusty libido it has been revealed that randy John Singh who sees to have an unquenchable appetite for delegates sent to his contests and prefers to “judge” them for him self in the bedroom, seems not to be a very good judge on the score cards of several of the girls who have been given a bedroom Judging by him, sources have revelled the his nick name amongst the girls is “Slinky”! In reference the behaviour of his of his most trusted “member” when it is time to perform,

One would have though that Slippery would better describe him as he is so slick with what ever he does in the business world and seems to get away with everything, but several of the girls he has tried to bed, have been very disappointed at his bedroom performance, others were relived that he could not get it up and were spared the trauma of having forced sex with him one said John Singh proved to her that small things can come in big packages, several others have described waiting for hours as he tried to get his Slinky to “pay attention” but to no avail and they were thus spared the encounter.

Even the almighty Viagra seems to only make him last for 3 minutes! Talk about speedy Gonzales

Monday, July 25, 2005


National Directors from almost 70 countries that used to work with John Singh have apparently abandoned him in a devastating mass walk out and will no longer work with him or send him girls to take part in his contests, even the modeling agencies he used to solicit girls from to send him delegate to boost the number of countries he has delegates from have refused to send him girls due to his randy reputation and refusal to pay for the models , it was reveled that several eastern Europe based modeling agencies have been duped by john Singh into sending him girls only at their expense in return for payment after the pageant only for john Singh to turn around a refuse to pay them their fess, sound familiar?, well this is john Singh in a nut shell according to our sources.

John Sighs day in the pageant business are surely numbered and anywhere you mention his name 1000 people have sore stories about him and his business ethics,

It is also sign of the a lack of ethics’ that despite human rights abuses and devastation of property going on in Zimbabwe only John Singh feels the need to take his pageant there with the government, or perhaps the small matter of US$2000,000 is the real reason!

A MUGABE bulldozer in action, but John Singh is still going to Zimbabwe



John Singh had been proudly announcing that Miss Millionaire with be crowned and walk away with US$1,000,000 cash for the last few years and we have all come to realize that this is just a clever publicity stunt designed to get him and his shady pageant noticed, one has to ask seriously for a man who cannot pay a us$50,000 prize advertised for his previous pageants how he can be trusted to deliver on his promise to pay US$ 1,000,000 in cash! And just want the girl has to do to win it going by previous experiences

It occurs to us that no one has ever won the pageant, and never will! promises that the pageant will be held have come and gone several times, but he keeps advertising that the pageant will be held, one wonders if this guy is really unbelievable or just plain crafty, with all his tricks to fool people, sadly the end of the road is near for him as recent reports would suggests

John Singh .A Man on the Run


Maverick sexual predator John Singh has apparently gone into hiding, the flamboyant wannbe pageant maker has disappeared and his website that used to put out news flashes with the same regularity that he copies other peoples pageants or sleeps with his contestants has gone silent, he used to boast as being the largest organizer of pageants in the World, Really John Singh? albeit copied from other existing pageants but with subtle name changes…..well not any more some feel his time is up and many people in the business now know all about Mr. John Singh and his activities, and steer well clear away form him, and who could blame them

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Sex lies and John Singh

Sex lies and John Singh seem to go hand in hand if you ask many of the contestants in his pageants over the years.

He and his band of pagent officials or bed room judges have made a name for themselves by secretly promising girls in their many contest titles in return for sexual favors,
It has become so bad that unsuspecting girls now have to lock them selves in their rooms and take the phones of the hook so they are not woken up in the middle of the night by John Singh him self or one of his randy judges,

Undercover sources have revealed that it is so blatant and even a requirements for the girls to sleep with John Singh and his Friends as part to the pageants “Judging and Evaluation” process, and many a girl has been seduced and or coerced into entering into sexual liaisons whit John Singh,

The unfortunate Girls who submit to this brazen act of sexual misconduct in many case have to perform for him, and take part in orgies, according to trusted sources, it has become so bad that even the coach drivers have tried to get in on the act.

One girl said was promised that she would make the top 3 in the Miss Tourism World 2004 pageant only if she and another girls came to john Singh’s suite in Zimbabwe and spent “Time with them,” they were also frequently accosted by John Singh’s cronies posing as judges and pageant officials

Sunday, July 24, 2005


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We know how much he loves publicity, but we aim to take you behind the scenes like never before , for the stories you might not have hard of, because John Singh and his shady organisation does not want you to know about,
However we feel it is only fair they you get a true picture of him and his organisation
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